About the project

Moc w przemoc is a project about the problem of sexual violence against women. It focuses on the sociocultural causes of violence and on abusers, 90% of whom are men.

The actions planned as part of the project form two complementary sections:

  1. Research on the sociocultural determinants of sexual violence. Over a period of 6 months, texts of culture including the most popular new films, the most viewed music videos on and 2 most read weekly newspapers will be subject to qualitative and quantitative analysis. The results will be summarized in a final research report.
  2. A social action targeted at (potential) sexual abusers:
  • 40 meetings for men on sexual violence and its social and cultural determinants. The meetings will take the form of workshops and lectures; their program will include among others the aspect of sex differences in sexual violence, the link between violence and sex stereotypes, the influence of sociocultural messages on violence, an insight into the perspective of the victim, and the importance of men objecting against violence.
  • a Facebook fan page and a Twitter profile dedicated to the issue of sexual violence, creating a space for a conversation about dismantling violence targeted at a broad audience including (potential) abusers. The fan page will present illustrations created as part of the project, among them the works of Marta Frej and other artists.
  • 3 conferences prepared in cooperation with the staff and students of universities and colleges:

– Sociocultural determinants of sexual violence. How the social perception of sexual violence influences legal measures.

– Sociocultural determinants of sexual violence. The preventive role of education.

– Sociocultural determinants of sexual violence. The educational role of the media.